Janice's Kitchen


Add ease, joy, and confidence to your cooking routine with one on one cooking lessons. If your kitchen can accommodate a few people I can also teach small groups.


I personalize each lesson to your interests and goals. We can focus on how to put meals together - from prep to flavor profiles. I also teach knife skills and culinary skills. I have an enormous repertoire of recipes as I love to try new dishes. I am delighted to share what I have learned with others!

$125 per hour

Quotes from My Students

“The first time I took a series of lessons with Janice, she expertly guided me through every detail of creating a gracious Shabbat dinner for 10 people. We started by diving into Janice’s incredible recipe archive, and she taught me how to curate the various courses of a meal, and customize it to the many different dietary requirements. She helped me understand quantities and helped me write the shopping list, and then over the course of several days worked with me on the cooking. Janice taught me which elements of the meal could be made ahead of time, and she patiently and with good humor taught me everything from knife skills to how to thicken a sauce to how to tweak a recipe to my taste. Finally, she created a schedule for me for the day of the meal, to help me complete each detail of the meal in a calm and efficient way. I felt completely empowered, and it was a gourmet success!”

Caroline E

“Janice Tannin was the perfect cooking teacher for me. As a long time “reluctant” cook, I made the decision that it’s finally time to learn how to cook! So I enlisted the help of Janice, a chef and caterer extraordinaire, and worked with her one on one in my small kitchen on the Upper West Side.

Janice lovingly taught me how to read a recipe and stick to it (instead of going rogue in the middle!), how to choose the best knives and how to slice, dice, mince, braise, blanche and chiffonade. Together, Janice and I chose recipes that involved practicing my knife skills, and all the other skills I would need to become a more independent and confident cook.

During the pandemic, I continued to take lessons with Janice on Zoom, which were also very successful. Now I have the confidence, skills, and a set of delicious recipes that Janice created or modified, and I feel like a whole new person in the kitchen! My husband is shocked not only that I can cook stellar dishes, but that I actually developed a love for the craft.

I recommend Janice for her knowledge, patience, collaborative style, and humor. I hope to continue working with her even as I become more advanced, as I know Janice will always have more to teach me.”

Marcia M